Error extracting application layer data

When I add PGSQL protocol parsing, found that suricata send me the application layer data errors,
the flow has a packet which’s TCP payload length for only 1, (the only one data is 4e),
this packet have not reached agreement layer parse, but added to the next TOCLIENT package head,
cause the next packet the original application layer data length is 13, but convey parsing layer, my_data_len into 14, a more byte 4e is add in the head of it,
it lead to the protocol parsing error,
Doubt is the stream - TCP - reassemble.c has something error
SteamTcpReassembleHandleSegment or GetAppBuffer have problems
Please take a look at the problem for me. I can’t locate myself
The problem can be reproduced using an attachment message
001-postgres-login.pcap (4.5 KB)