Introduce yourselves here!

Hi Sophia!

We’re busier this week due to SuriCon, but we’ve noticed that the other applicants did a great job in welcoming you around.

On top of that, we are still keeping an eye on the forum and redmine, so please feel comfortable in reaching out to ask questions or ask to claim tickets.

Happy contribution phase!

Hello everyone!

:wave:t5: I am Joana
:woman:t5: Pronouns: She/Her
:timer_clock: Timezone: UTC-3/Brasília
:brazil: I am from Salvador/Bahia/Brazil
:open_file_folder: In the past, I have worked on projects with Python, Django, C#, DotNet and React.
:heartpulse: I love makeup, dragqueens, books and skateboarding
:dog: I have two puppies called Pipoca (Popcorn) and Algodão Doce (Cottoncandy)
:books: I am really interested in topics like digital security, criptography, data privacy, programming, sysadmin, and how to apply this knowledge for social causes.
:crab: I want to apply for outreachy but I would love to become a long-term volunteer for the community.

Can any of you help me choose a first issue to start with? @sbhardwaj @jufajardini @vjulien


Hi Joana!

Welcome to our community! :slight_smile:

Our projects page on the Outreachy site suggests a good approach to picking your first issue with Suricata, in case you are new to the project: check available good first issues.
These were planned to work as onboarding tasks, while one understands how our contribution process works.

The other suggested issues are the ones with the Outreachy label. The ones for converting our C unittests to the FAIL/PASS API may work as a good first issue, as well, if you feel comfortable with C and git.

Before you work on any issue, you’ll need to register on our redmine project, so please do that asap! Then, choose an issue and ask on the ticket itself if you can claim it - that’s the process for everyone, we prefer it to avoid having more than one person unknowingly working on the same issue :stuck_out_tongue:

If you ask to claim a ticket and get no response in the next 8 hours or so, please reach out to me or Shivani in private and share the ticket link: sometimes the redmine notifications don’t reach us…

As you know, this is the very final week in the contribution phase, so I’ll share with you the questions related to the final form: do fill it up, and good luck and lot of focus in these 5 days! :muscle:t4:


Hi Joana. Welcome to the community. We are happy to have you here.


Hi all!

:wave: I am Yenifer
:woman: Pronouns: She/Her
:mantelpiece_clock: Timezone: Latin America/Lima, Perú

:email: Contact me at

:bird: Tweets at
:notebook: Blog at
:peru: I am from Peru.


Hello Yenifer!

Glad to see you around, we hope you have enough time to contribute and submit your final application :slight_smile:

If you have questions, please feel free to create a topic or use the general topic Outreachy contributions discussions

And don’t forget to submit your final application by tomorrow (check the timezone, please)!

Hi Yenifer. Great to have you here. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am a cyber security researcher from China,I want to contribute some ET PRO rules to your ET PRO rule set , if i can earn some money by cooperating with your compony(

I have a lot of precise research on Chinese system of software or platforms. I have studyed many hot RAT tools、tunnels and so on.

I really hope to cooperate with you。

Best regards to you.

Hey leezp, as I answered in private, this is not the forum if you want to find opportunities with proofpoint! :wink: I hope you’ve found the right channels, and wish you good luck in your professional path =]

Hello Everyone!!
:wave: I am Yinka
:man: Pronouns: He/Him
:mantelpiece_clock: Timezone: WAT (Lagos)
:briefcase: I have experience as a Backend/Infrastructure Engineer working with tools like Go, Docker, PostgreSQL, AWS and Kubernetes. I also recently started learning Rust.
:smile_cat: Looking to contribute to Suricata @outreachy and beyond
:bird: Twitter @unimppressed
:computer: Github @ yimikao
:nigeria: I’m from Nigeria

I have heard about how welcoming and supportive the Suricata community is and I’m so happy to be here!

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Hey there and welcome, Yinka! ^^

Hope you have fun contributing to Suricata and being part of our community.

As you know, if you find yourself struggling or need help understanding anything, you’re in the right place to ask :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the help Juliana :slight_smile:

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