Question of policy on PR reviews

According to the contributor guidelines:

When incorporating feedback you will have to create a new branch for each pull request.

So does this mean I should be pushing up a v2 PR and closing the v1 PR (where the comments/etc exist) once I’ve addressed all the comments and the tests are passing?

I have a few where the reviewer “requested changes” so I marked those are complete and re-requested review, but perhaps that wasn’t the right thing to do?

Hi Jeff,

Yes …

Here’s a rough workflow

  • Create branch and submit PR
  • If the build checks fail and/or changes are requested, repeat with a new branch and use the new branch in a new pr
$ git checkout -b some-branch/v1 master
# address review comments/checks that don't succeed
$ git checkout -b some-branch/v2 some-branch/v1
# repeat ....

When you submit a second PR, close the first PR with a comment with the new PR number.