Suricata 6.0.12 released!

Suricata 6.0.12 released

We are pleased to announce the release of Suricata 6.0.12. This release is a bug-fix release, fixing a number of important issues.

Get the release here:

Notable Changes

Various performance, accuracy, and stability issues have been fixed.

Tickets for 6.0.12: 6.0.12 - Suricata - Open Information Security Foundation

Special Thanks

tianjinshan, Justin Azoff, Morris Chan, Wes Hurd, Oss-Fuzz, Coverity.

About Suricata

Suricata is a high-performance Network Threat Detection, IDS, IPS, and Network Security Monitoring engine. Open source and owned by a community-run non-profit foundation, the Open Information Security Foundation (OISF). Suricata is developed by OISF, its supporting vendors, and the community.


Will 6.0.12 rpm for RHEL 7 be available via

Yes, the RPMs were updated to 6.0.12 yesterday.

I do see the RHEL8 version is out there, but RHEL 7 still only shows 6.0.11 version.

Can you show me where you are looking?

I see @oisf/suricata-6.0 at 6.0.12 ( and @oisf/suricata-latest at 6.0.12 (Build 5908426 in @oisf/suricata-latest)

A quick test with a CentOS 7 docker image shows me 6.0.12 is downloaded/updated to.

cat /etc/yum.repos.d/copr@oisf-suricata-6.0.repo

name=Copr repo for suricata-6.0 owned by @oisf

yum list suricata

Loaded plugins: copr, fastestmirror, langpacks
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile

  • base:
  • epel:
  • extras:
  • updates:
    Installed Packages
    suricata.x86_64 1:6.0.4-1.el7
    Available Packages
    suricata.x86_64 1:6.0.11-1.el7

If I navigate in browser
β€œIndex of /results/@oisf/suricata-6.0/epel-7-x86_64/05908240-suricata/” I do see the RHEL 7 6.0.12 version.

Could it be your cache? Taking your repo file verbatim lists 6.0.12 for me…

yum clean all
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Apologies I should of done that. I do in fact see 6.0.12.

Thank you Jason!

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