Suricata Installed Erroer


After installation of Rocky Linux 8.5, the following error occurs when trying to install suricata 6.0 version.

Please advise on how to installing latest version of Suricata.

I’ll look into this a.s.a.p. Must be some difference between the builders up at COPR and Rocky 8.5. A rare occurrence, but not unheard of.

So I think this is specifically a problem with Rock Linux 8.5. RHEL 8.5 and Alma 8.5 have Jansson 2.14, which is also used on the COPR builders for building packages for 8.5. However, Rocky Linux (and Oracle Linux) have an older Jansson, 2.11.

Right now I see this as an incompatibility between Rocky Linux 8.5 and the upstream, but will look into it a little further.

I got more information. Redhat 8.6 was just released on May 10, and the Suricata packages for EPEL8 were just rebuilt 3 days ago. There is an unfortunate time gap between RHEL and the rebuilds catching up. Alma is already synced up to 8.6 so the packages work there, however Rocky needs a few more days to update to 8.6. Then the packages should work.