Suricata.yaml variable length limits

Does anyone know why Suricata limits the size of variables entered into suricata.yaml? This is primarily relevant for the Home Net variable.

I have a use case for defining a very large number of CIDR blocks as the home net, and discovered this limit: suricata/detect.h at master-5.0.x · OISF/suricata · GitHub. It looks like all variables are limited to 8192 characters which translates into anywhere between a few hundred and a thousand or so CIDR blocks depending on average length as a string. Granted this is many.

But I can’t find any documentation on a) why the limit exists b) what the effects or implications would be of re-compiling with a raised limit or c) whether others in the community have ever had cause to raise it or consider alternative approaches.

Thank you for any input anyone may have.