Where's the folder - /scripts/ ?

Hello, maybe it’s a stupid question. I need to add a new application layer parser on suricata-6.0.3. I googled and figured out that i would need a python script, setup-app-layer.py. But i can’t locate the script or its folder ‘/scripts/’ from the src-code i downloaded from ‘Download - Suricata’. How can i find the scripts please? Thank you!

Hello there,

No worries, no such thing as a stupid question when we are trying to learn and understand things :slight_smile:
The scripts folder is more aimed at supporting Suricata developers, so it is not part of the release package. I think that’s why you couldn’t find it in the package downloaded from our Downloads page.

You can fork or clone our GitHub repository, and then you’ll have the scripts folder, along with the Python script for generating the baseline for adding a new application-layer protocol to Suri: GitHub - OISF/suricata: Suricata git repository maintained by the OISF

Good luck with your work! ^^

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