3 Network Cards for Suricata like IPS

Hello everyone, I want to set up a network with 1 ubuntu server as a router. This router has 3 network cards:
-enp0s3: (to internet)
-enp0s8: (to web server, ftp, ssh)
-enp0s9: (local network)

I want to use suricata as IPS to protect enp0s8 and enp0s9
Do I just need to put “sudo iptables -I FORWARD -j NFQUEUE”?

And do I just need to put “suricata -c /etc/suricata/suricata.yaml -s /etc/suricata/rules/suricata.rules -q0”?

Some tests with “drop” rules are not working…

Thank you!

You can follow this guide 13. Setting up IPS/inline for Linux — Suricata 6.0.8 documentation

Also make sure that the netfilter forwarding is working as expected. You could run -j LOG for some time to test to make sure that the packets you want to monitor are actually going to NFQUEUE.

Thank you Andreas, I already saw what you say to me.