Additional Industrial Control Protocol Parsers

I saw that there are references to using Rust to produce additional protocol parsers. But has anyone looked at creating additional industrial control protocol parsers? I think I saw a reference to someone wanting to create a Siemens S7comm parser. Have them been any newer guidance to using Rust to create parsers than what is already out there? There are a lot of ICS protocols that could be useful as more and more ICS networks are becoming more of a target. MQTT parser I believe is available now and it is being used more and more in ICS. There are PLCs that are using it now and not just Modbus.Thanks.

There are also some folks into IEC104 parser, but so far not much was put into PRs on Github, so we welcome any additional parsers :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input.

Are there any guides or guidance or standards on using Rust in written ICS parsers?