Address-group arrays with AND instead of OR?

Just installed Suricata (6.0.10) from apt in Debian 12. Might upgrade to a newer Suricata soon, but for now i run with what apt provides.

For instance, the HOME_NET variable in suricata.yaml can be an array, like this

HOME_NET: "[,,]"

Thats implicitly OR between those nets.

What if i wanted an AND? Possibly even with a negated value, is that possible?

For instance something like this


Does that make sense? If possible, how do i write that?
12.1. Suricata.yaml — Suricata 8.0.0-dev documentation does not mention such cases.

Then, i would use this to alter some rules

alert http $HOME_NET any -> $EXTERNAL_NET any ...
alert http $HOME_NET any -> $EXT_NOT_YAHOO any ...

Yahoo is just an example:)

It’s just a list, so if there is a check for HOME_NET as long as one of the IPs is one of those listed the signature would match (given the case that all the rest of the signature matches as well).

As you can see with EXTERNAL_NET negation is working. So you could try `EXT_NOT_YAHOO:“[$EXTERNAL_NET,!$YAHOO]”.

Yes, but it sounds like that would match “ext_net” OR “not yahoo”.

What i am looking for is “ext_net” AND(but) “not yahoo” :slight_smile: