Alerts when copying files to Synology NAS

I am having several alerts and blocks when copying files to Synology NAS.

Copying from WIndows 10 desktop (all updates) to a Synology NAS (SMB Protocol)
Router is a Unifi UDMP

ET ATTACK_RESPONSE Possible Lateral Movement - File Creation Request in Remote System32 Directory (T1105)

ET NETBIOS DCERPC DCOM ExecuteShellCommand Call - Likely Lateral Movement

ET EXPLOIT Apache log4j RCE Attempt - lower/upper TCP Bypass M2 (Outbound) (CVE-2021-44228)

Usually that happens with large files (virtual machine disks). Sometimes transfer gets blocked just after a few megabytes is copied, sometimes it takes longer to get blocked.

Those might be simply false positives that you will need to adjust your rules for.

Maybe that’s not the right forum, but I am using Ubiquiti UDMP.
If I set it to not block and ignore those alerts, I would not get one if there is a real threat, Am I right?
Sorry, I know nothing about this.

Yes, it is very unlikely that you will be affected by those threats as they are directed towards enterprise network for the most part.