BPF filter file with af_packet not functioning

Looking for some assistance getting Suricata configuration to function with af_packet and setting a BPF filter file. I am setting bpf-filter: under af_packet in suricata.yaml however getting the error below:

(source-af-packet.c:2274) (AFPSetBPFFilter) – [ERRCODE: SC_ERR_AFP_CREATE(190)] - Failed to compile BPF “”: syntax error

I’ve tested with an inline BPF filter in the configuration and it seems to function.

Is setting the filename not an option in the configuration?

Not directly yet in the yaml config in af-packet https://redmine.openinfosecfoundation.org/issues/3439
But you can specify it on the command line

suricata -F bp.filter

Understood and thanks for providing the ticket. I wasn’t able to deduce if this was being worked on or targeted for a release.

If you’re willing and able to test, see https://github.com/OISF/suricata/pull/4834