Build flags for epel-released RPMs

We are trying to reproduce the equivalent RPMs for a RHEL8 environment with some code modifications that you guys produce for the epel-release repo and cannot find anything written down about what flags you are building with, etc. Could you tell me what build flags you are using to build the file suricata-7.0.5-2.el8.rpm versus the file suricata-7.0.5-2.el7.rpm?

If you mean the RPMs that are in the epel-release repo, those are not done by us, but by the Fedora project, you can find their spec files over here: Tree - rpms/suricata -

The RPMs that we release on COPR, have their spec files over here: suricata-rpms/7.0/suricata.spec at main · jasonish/suricata-rpms · GitHub