Can I rename Suricata fields in Eve.json. And where I can get all possible fields

Hi ,
I am creating a database using eve.json.
I want to rename few fields in eve.json , Can I do that .
If Yes , what’s the process .

Secondly not all fields are required at time but I want to include all the fields that eve.json can provide me so that in future if I enable something it doesn’t effect my database.
Where I can get a list of all fields possible in eve.json.


You could start by proposing the field name changes in the forum (with an appropriate title) as a first step to see what folks are thinking. It’s possible that more folks share your thoughts on field renames.

We don’t have a definitive list of field names except in the code. Look at the output-json*.c modules as well as source code modules in rust/src/xxx/*.rs.

Many (but not all) fields are established with a function like jb_set_<type> or JB_SET in the src directory (C code). There are many places in rust/src where fields are created (but the function used is different).

The JSON builder code is 100% rust – see rust/src/

There is a Suricata-Verify pull request that has an almost complete (if not complete) JSON schema of eve.json… The pull request is GitHub ci jsonschema/v7 by catenacyber · Pull Request #590 · OISF/suricata-verify · GitHub), but here’s a link to the schema file that will give you all the fields and possible data types: suricata-verify/schema.json at c24bdd98c881af8f3e8a4d296d38872096bd5539 · OISF/suricata-verify · GitHub

We don’t provide any ability to rename fields in Suricata itself, thats often best left to external tools…

With respect to storing eve records in a database, I’ve had good luck using the JSON datatypes in PostgreSQL and SQLite.

Also just for info, some fields can be dynamically generated - like for example the ones resulting from enabling the dump-all-headers option in http : suricata/ at master · OISF/suricata · GitHub

There are several option on how to modify the json output of Suricata, one common approach is to do this in the logshipper, for example filebeat can rename fields.

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