Can Suricata(on PFSense) send log report by email?

Suricata is running on PFSense. We are operating without using it because the net stops as soon as we put it in block mode. However, we need alerts regularly and would like to have a log report sent automatically via email once a day.

pfSense runs a highly customized version of Suricata. You should post any Suricata questions related to pfSense on the Netgate IDS/IPS forum here:

I maintain the pfSense package and can say there is no feature for emailing reports in the pfSense package. The general recommendation is to export Suricata logs to a third-party SIEM solution running on a separate machine (of which there are several open-source packages available). SIEM platforms offer many ways to provide alerts to admins.

Thanks for the reply. We will explore the method you suggested (using SIEM together). Also, I should not have asked the question about PFSense, I will be careful in the future.

No harm asking about pfSense here, but the Suricata developers and most users here will have limited knowledge of how Suricata is implemented on pfSense. Over on the Netgate forum there is an entire user base that can chime in with answers and/or suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:.