Can't calculate bandwidth

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Suricata version stable-22.11.2
ubuntu 22.04
compiled with dpdk support

I am reporting stats every second for suricata and I am seeing that there are certain seconds that I get no updates in the suricata stats. I have changed the settings for suricata to report each second, instead of every 8 seconds. I think that causes some peaks in the following bytes which leads to higher max bandwidth value (thing that is not really happening).

I am focussing in the Decoder.Bytes field to calculate the bandwidth. In the second image the number of packets is what is being plotted.

Which metric should I use to calculate suricata bandwidth?

Screenshot from 2023-10-10 11-47-26

Hey, welcome Francisco!

I’ll also answer Best way to get bandwitdth in suricata? as these two almost seem like a duplicate.
I think you are on the right track - decoder.bytes can be used to calculate the bandwidth that your Suricata instance is actually able to process.
To calculate bandwidth that is currently coming to your NIC directly - for that I would probably use ethtool stats. Unfortunately, I am not aware that Suricata could calculate directly in some stats output.

I feel like generally, users observe these stats when Suricata is connected to an SIEM of some kind - e.g. ELK. To have it directly in Suricata stats I guess it could be a nice beginner-friendly contribution to the stats.