Commented rules


I am using the ET-open ruleset and i noticed that some of the rules are commented inside each rule file. Why some of this rules are commented? Due to FPs? Are they no longer relevant?


Might be both FP and relevancy. I would just assume that they are commented out for a good reason.
ET Open rules are provided by Proofpoint and not the Suricata developers, you might not get a better answer on this forum.

There are several folks from Proofpoint in the community and on this forum. Suggest changing the forum title to something more descriptive to catch their attention.


Commented rules can be for a number of reasons. @syoc is correct, the usual reasons are indeed for excessive false positives or the rule is just no longer relevant. Another common reason is poor performance. We (proofpoint/emerging threats) will include rules that we don’t otherwise have coverage for but the rules don’t perform well under QA. We include such rules, because we want to provide detection but don’t want to enable it by default and cause sensors to potentially drop packets due to performance problems.

Hopefully that helps


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Thank you! Much more clear now