Commercial / OSS Products which include Suricata?

Are there commercial or open-source products which include, rebrand, or wrap Suricata?

For example: A Commercial Security product which uses Suricata (or the Suricata code base) to perform it’s IDS functions.

I believe Corelight’s IDS appliance is one



you can look into the list of consortium members as well, most of them provide some sort of appliance/service with Suricata: Consortium | OISF


Hi @jaredchandler - Please check out Stamus Networks. Our Stamus Security Platform (SSP) is built on top of Suricata, and our team’s Suricata expertise is second-to-none.

SSP: Stamus Security Platform (SSP) | Stamus Networks

Suri-related resources:

Simplify Suricata: Simplify Your Suricata Deployment - Stamus Networks
Security Analyst’s Guide to Suricata: Suricata for Analysts - the Book | Stamus Networks

We have lots more if you are interested. Please reach out if you’d like to discuss.