Develop machine learning module

I want develop a machine learning plugin for suricata that give data from streaming and decoding engine, analysis data and attach result to the suricata output engine. But I can’t find any document for explain engines and work with them. Can you guide or send me a document to do this?
I have attached the model to this message.

I saw the link below explained the pcap output should be used:
Can I then add the result to the output?

and in the below link explained the api will develop on suricata 7:


Amir, Im interested in your machine learning module idea, can we chat.


Yes, Sure. But I am a beginner in this field and I have little information.

Really interesting idea, here is a link to a white paper you might find interesting.

thanks, Joseph
Many of dataset for ML in IDS fields, generate with CICFlowMeter. I am working on link suricata and FlowMeter logs.