Dns.query and dataset

I’m creating a rule with a dataset, to trigger dns query for specific domain. The domains names are on an other file.
alert dns any any -> any any (msg: "ET DNS Query for ryuk domain"; reference:url,https://github.com/Xanderux/suricata_CTI/blob/main/README.md; dns.query; dataset:set, domains_ryuk, type string, load: domains_ryuk.lst; sid:202025113; rev:1;)

I wrote some domains names in my .lst file.

But this rule trigger any dns communication, for exemple :
{"action":"allowed","gid":1,"signature_id":202025113,"rev":1,"signature":"ET DNS Query for ryuk domain","category":"","severity":3},"dns":{"query":[{"type":"query","id":27945,"rrname":"tp.f0c2e5164-frontier.amazon.fr","rrtype":"A","tx_id":0}]},"app_proto":"dns","flow":{"pkts_toserver":1,"pkts_toclient":0,"bytes_toserver":106,"bytes_toclient":0,"start":"2020-11-25T09:47:01.034089+0100"}}

Do you know why my suricata rule has this behavior?

Could you DM your dataset file?

What version of Suricata are you using (suricata --build-info) and on what platform?

I believe that should be dataset:isset, [..].
Thats how I read the docs at least https://suricata.readthedocs.io/en/suricata-6.0.0/rules/datasets.html


I just did a test with old dataset from suricata v5.x.x and with ‘set’ it did not generate alerts. With ‘isset’ yes.

With Suricata 6, the datasets work for me with isset. :wink:

Thank for your answer
I have suricata v5. I try with “isset” but i dont have any alerts. Did you use my rule?

I try with this syntax but i have this error :
dataset not defined
With this syntax in my rule :
dataset:isset, domains_ryuk [type string, load: domains_ryuk.lst, memcap 500];

No, I used another one that was here to test. Then I try your ruler. :wink:

@Xanderux Do you have ‘domains_ryuk.lst’ encoded in base64?

It works well. domains_ryuk.lst in base64.

In suricata.yaml:

type: string
load: /etc/suricata/rules/domains_ryuk.lst
memcap: 10mb
hashsize: 1024

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Thanks i didn’t have encoded my .lst file. But i’m trying to dont modify suricata.yaml and to specify my dataset in my rule. Without modify suricata.yaml it doesnt work :frowning:

Exactly, you have to modify the yaml file and configure the datasets. And also encode the lst in base64.

Note that datasets are an experimental feature in Suricata 5.0.x and that the syntax and functionality subject to change. See https://suricata.readthedocs.io/en/suricata-5.0.4/rules/datasets.html

In Suricata 6.0 and later, datasets are no longer experiemental.

With 5.0.3, you’ll have to either

  1. Modify the Suricata configuration file
  2. Or, supply additional configuration information on the command line.

With 2, add --set datasets.domains-ryuk.state=./domains_ryuk64.lst --set datasets.domains-ryuk.type=string to the command line you’re using to start Suricata. Note that domains_ryuk64.lst is the base 64 encoded representation of the plain-text file containing the domains. You can use base64 to generate this file.