Does suricata has a GUI

Does suricata has a GUI of its own?

No. Suricata is a highly configurable command line program. You could depending on your use case club it with other programs to achieve what you want to see in the visualized form.

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Kunal, while you explore your options, check out Evebox.

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As mentioned, Suricata itself does not have a GUI. However, there are two dedicated firewall distros that feature an optional Suricata package with a GUI interface for configuration and control. Those two firewall distros are OPNsense and pfSense. These distros are complete open source firewalls based on the FreeBSD operating system. They are quite similar as OPNsense is a fork of pfSense. More info about each can be found here if interested:


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Please take a look at IDSTower that offer a web GUI to manage Suricata and IDS Rules.

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All these responses are correct - no UI is built-in to Suricata. That said, there are several really solid open source options for you. Here are couple:

  1. SELKS - a turn-key implementation with a UI and the ELK stack. See here: SELKS by Stamus Networks

  2. Stamus Community Edition (formerly Scirius CE) - the UI that is embedded into SELKS above is available as a stand alone front end. See here: GitHub - StamusNetworks/scirius: Scirius is a web application for Suricata ruleset management and threat hunting.

Join the discussion about these tools on Discord here: Stamus Networks Community

  1. Of course [warning: shameless plug to follow :slight_smile: ], you can also select one of the many commercial system built on top of Suricata that bring much more and are fully supported. Stamus Security Platform combines the best of IDS, NSM and NDR into one powerful solution. See here: Stamus Security Platform (SSP) | Stamus Networks
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