Hi, i’m using suricata version 6.0.13
can u tell me how to solve this problem?
- [ERRCODE: SC_ERR_INVALID_VALUE(130)] - fanout not supported by kernel: Kernel too old or cluster-id 99 already in use.

Can you post your suricata.yaml, how you run suricata and what distro you are using as well as the kernel?

can u help me? I’m still new to Suricata

please upload the suricata.yaml so we can check on that

do i have to copy the whole file or just send the file?

Just upload the whole yaml file here with the Upload function, so we can check if there is an issue.

Also post uname -a so we know which kernel is used

I have the same problem. Attached is the yaml file and kernel info.

suricata.yaml (76.1 KB)

Hi! Welcome to our forum. :slight_smile:
Please check for any running instances/runmodes actively using that cluster-id if the kernel is up to date.
Also, please start a new topic with all the relevant system setup details for us to be able to help you better.