Error trying to use suricata as IPS on Windows

Hello everybody.
I’m discovering surcata and I’m french, so, please, sorry by advance for questions you might think they are not very clever and badly written.
Im am trying to use suricata as IPS in Windows.
I installed suticata using
and launched with

cd c:\Suricata
suricata.exe -c suricata.yaml -l c:\suricata\log --windivert tcp -k none -vvv

And after a little time, it fails with this error message

19/1/2022 – 15:43:02 - - [ERRCODE: SC_ERR_WINDIVERT_GENERIC(312)] - WinDivertOpen failed, error 87 (0x00000057): Paramètre incorrect. The WinDivert packet filter string is invalid.
19/1/2022 – 15:43:02 - - [ERRCODE: SC_ERR_FATAL(171)] - thread TX#00 failed

I tried replacing “tcp” by “udp” and it didn’t fail (maybe because there is nothing to scan ??)
Any idea to fix it ?
I attached the suricata.log and the stats.lI attached the suricata.log and the stats.log showing, I suppose, that suricata lives a little.

Best regards,
suricata.log (184.7 KB)
stats.log (102.5 KB)


Try, as Administrator, with:

–windivert true
–windivert “tcp || udp”


suricata -c suricata.yaml -v -knone --windivert true --runmode autofp

Thanks for your fast answer. Fast and efficient.
My fastlog :

Can I avoid these errors ?

Thanks a lot again.

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