Generate rule in realtime without delay

Hai guys, I setup a suricata simple rule (for testing) like follow:

alert tcp any any → any 23 (msg:“TELNET connection attempt”; sid:1000003; rev:10;)

Now, if I connect my server via telnet. eg:


The rule is working perfectly, I can see fast.log is generated from the IP about the TELNET connection attempt

But now I want to understand how long this rule will trigger again after the last one. I tried to run telnet few seconds after that it will not generate that rule in fast.log but maybe after 1 minute or so. I searched about this and I think maybe this is related (or maybe I’m wrong) 10.2. Global-Thresholds — Suricata 6.0.0 documentation

Is there a way to make this rule generated in realtime when I use telnet ?

Sorry guys, I think this is due to my network issue, I can see that the rule is actually generated in realtime. Solved.

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