How do I know what SC_LOG_OP_FILTER can I use

From Unit Tests - Suricata - Open Information Security Foundation I know how to enable debug and print debug info. It says ’ SC_LOG_OP_FILTER="(something|somethingelse)‘
My question is how can I know what ‘something’ and ‘somethingelse’ can be.
For example. I need to print this log info in ‘/src/detect.c’ Line 758 SCLogDebug("inspecting signature id %“PRIu32"”, s>id); So how to setup my environment variable SC_LOG_OP_FILTER and why it works(how can I find the value to set it up). Thank you!

Hi, welcome to the community!

Suricata’s very own @vjulien wrote a blog post that discusses this: Suricata debugging | Inliniac