How do I send suricata logs to Grafana?

my classmate and I are doing a project on IDSs and we have to setup suricata and grafana in our lab enviroment. We got both software’s installed and running but we are struggling to figure out how to send the suricata logs to Grafana so we can see the traffic. We couldn’t find any instructive videos or webpages on how to do this. Would appreciate some help. Thanks! (I have the latest version of suricata installed on Ubuntu 20.04 machine)



In addition to the links shared by @suricatalfon which should answer your question already. If you have a very simple setup (e.g. suricata running on a host and Grafana server on another), you might want to use a Grafana json plugin, to ingest eve.json file and visualize based on that (on such file you can have alerts and stats).

Hope it helps.

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