How much traffic a single node/thread of suricata can handle?

I want to know that how much traffic a single /thread suricata can handle without using any extra filter and dropping any traffic.

Unfortunately there is no short answer, because that will depend on the following (at least):

  • CPU frequency.
  • number of enabled rules.
  • type of enabled rules.
  • traffic profile/type.
  • turning option (core isolation, core pinning, bypass settings…etc)

All of the above & more can easily increase (or decrease) the throughput of a single/multiple suricata threads significantly.

What we know is that suricata can do 20+ Gbps on tuned COTS servers with all ET open rules enabled.

But then, it all depends.

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The factors that @IDSTower are important to consider and a soft answer of “it depends” is the most reliable guidance.

In my observations, a well-tuned Suricata deployment shows a single Suricata worker thread capable of 500Mbps - 1Gbps without packet loss.