How to report bugs?

Hi there,
I’m new here, but I’ve been a user of suricata for some time now. While using suricata, I’ve discovered a couple of bugs, and have created issues in redmine, such as below. But they don’t seem to ever get triaged or assigned. I’m just wondering what’s the typical process of reporting bugs, and if what I have been doing is wrong.
I like suricata very much, and as a user I would like to contribute while I could, but it feels a bit discouraged if the issues reported never get looked at.

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first of all thanks for your reports, especially the new one (just some days old) reflects a solid bug report with a lot of necessary information.
Unless there is someone actively working on one of the issues, you could end up with no change to the ticket itself. If you look into the issue tracker, you see that we have >1000 issues open which is quite a lot to deal with for a smaller team and the community.
Especially more complex bugs take more time to read into, test, reproduce etc.
I still understand your point and I see potential for improvement and we can discuss this internally as well.

A small note to the second report, nfq is not that much used compared to others, thus less people are looking deeper into such cases. This could explain the lack of response.

While this might not help you right now, I wanted to highlight that your post for issue 4702 is a very good example how a good bug report should look like!


Thank you @Andreas_Herz , understood, even if the team just periodically prioritize the issues and marking things as low priority would be useful.
Some of these issues are small fixes that should not really require a lot of effort, but are being dropped completely atm.
As for whether nfqueue is popular, my opinion is that as long as the product offers the feature, it should have some support, thus some priority, not none.