How to set up automatic sending of messages triggered by the Suricata to the mail

I cannot find if the Suricata can send alert messages to the mail. Is there such a possibility at all? How to do it?

Hello @ghostandreu,

Suricata does not have this functionality itself, you’d have to find other tools that can take Suricata alerts and convert them to emails. I’m not aware of any at this time, as I don’t think its really a common thing to do.

There are no ideas at all how to implement it? I watched SELKS, but it seems there is no such possibility there either.

Ideas, sure… There’s just nothing in Suricata to do this.

You could write a script to do it… Or looks at something like Wazzuh or other log file analyzers that might have email alerting built in.

Thanks a lot for the advice.