I am running suricata verify on rhel7

My suricata is installed and running. able to detect some basic traffic.
I have read 27.1.5. Testing Suricata — Suricata 7.0.3-dev documentation

My suricata.yaml file is located in the etc/suricata folder along with some rules I have created and tested.

When I run
‘’‘python3 …/path/to/suricata-verify/run.py ‘’’
from etc/suricata directory, I get
“error: this is not a suricata source directory or suricata is not built”

I have also attempted to download sur6 and sur7 source directory, drop the suricata-verify files into that file and execute the run.py with out success. https://github.com/OISF/suricata/tree/master/src

This is my first time making a post like this. Please let me know if what I am attempting does not make sense.

Suricata-Verify is mainly a development tool for those making changes to Suricata, as such it is designed to run from your development directory.

If you still want to run it, you will first need to build Suricata (./configure, make), then you can run Suricata-Verify. It does not need Suricata to be installed.

Suricata-Verify only tests against known pcap files, so its not going to be much use to testing/verifying if your live Suricata environment is working, so it might not be what you are after, depending on what you are trying to test and verify.

Hello, after install the suricata src code on my vm, I was able to use the suricata-verify without issue. thank you.