I can only see the first alert of a rule


Im new to Suricata and im trying to log a basic icmp alert. My problem its that in fast.log/eve.log i can only see the first alert even if i send an icmp packet every second.

I could “fix” it adding flow: to_server in the rule but as the flow says only log icmp packets to server. Am i missing something? I tried with threshold too but i couldnt find a solution for my problem.

My rule is:
alert icmp any any -> any any (msg:“ICMP detected”; sid: 889;)

The rule that workerd:
alert icmp any any -> any any (msg:“ICMP detected”; flow: to_server; sid: 889;)

In suricata 3.X the alert withouth flow worked well but in suricata 4.X, 5.X and 6.X i have this problem.

Thanks in advance, Adrian

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Hi Adrian, I suspect the first rule is considered to be “IP-only”, and so it is evaluated only once per flow direction. Depending on the type of ICMP you have Suricata tracks it as a flow (e.g. echo request/reply). Adding the flow:to_server condition probably takes it out of the “IP-only” category.

Hi Victor,

I didnt knew the “IP-only” behaviour. Thanks for the response!

Regards, Adrian.