I receive System Error when I start Suricata

Hello, I installed Suricata on my Windows 10 computer from the installation file Suricata-6.0.1-2-64bit.msi. When I run Suricata I receive the following system error: “The code execution cannot proceed because wpcap.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem”. I reinstalled the program but I continue to receive the same error. Can you please help me to fix this issue ?

Hi ,
Do you have npcap installed (Npcap: Windows Packet Capture Library & Driver) ?
You should also try to run it as Administrator.

Hi Peter, Thanks for the info. I installed Suricata on Linux and it is much better.

Do you know any GUI tool with web interface which I can use to view the Suricata alerts ?
There are several available online but I prefer a tool with easy installation.

I guess a good start would be the ELK stack although it’s a bigger installation some other use splunk. But if the alert rate is low enough a text editor might be good enough as well. This highly depends on the usecase.