I want to know best practices for Integrating Suricata with SIEM Systems

Hello everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

I am currently working on integrating Suricata with our SIEM system and i want your advice. I would appreciate any insights or best practices from the community. Our goal is to enhance our security monitoring capabilities by leveraging Suricatas powerful IDS features in conjunction with our existing SIEM setup.

I have some question. where I did like your guidance.

What are the stylish styles for collecting and homogenizing Suricata logs before transferring them to a SIEM? How should I manage Suricata logs to insure that theyโ€™re both comprehensive and optimized for storehouse; What log gyration strategies do you find effective. What are some stylish practices for configuring and tuning Suricata cautions to reduce false cons and ameliorate discovery delicacy? What integration ways work stylish for icing flawless data inflow between Suricata and colorful SIEM platforms?
Could anyone share practical use cases or examples of successful Suricata SIEM integrations? What challenges did you encounter & how did you overcome them?