IDSTower Version 2.5 released with Rules & IOCs export

We are pleased to announce the release of IDSTower version 2.5, bringing with it several new features and improvements aimed at enhancing your experience and providing more streamlined security solution, this release brings:

New Feature (Pro): Rules & IOCs Exports

  • With the new export feature, you can now seamlessly transfer IDSTower-managed Rules & IOCs to other platforms like Suricata, Suricata-Update, OpenSense, and more via straightforward URLs.
  • This function supports various formats such as text, STIX 2.1, Suricata DataSet, DataRep, and IOCs as Suricata IDS Rules.
  • Plus, a built-in comprehensive filtration system ensures you export only the data you require. This feature is exclusively available in the IDSTower Professional Edition.

New Feature: Enhanced IDSTower Agents

  • The IDSTower agents on Suricata hosts have been completely revamped to be more robust, reliable, and efficient.
  • These updated agents also produce enhanced logs for easier troubleshooting. Use the crontab -l command on your Suricata hosts to view the newly integrated agents.

New Feature: Log Deletion Script

  • In our efforts to manage disk space efficiently, we’ve introduced a log deletion script. This script periodically deletes older Suricata events/logs, ensuring optimal disk usage.
  • By default, this script is configured to retain data, aiming to keep disk utilization below 50%. To view this new script, run the crontab -l command on your Suricata hosts.


  • IDSTower will now automatically install any missing binaries from Suricata hosts, including essential tools like cron, curl, and more.
  • Along with these significant updates, this release also includes various other enhancements and bug fixes.

We always strive to enhance your IDSTower experience. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us, and we encourage you to share your thoughts about this new release.

To upgrade, please follow our upgrade guide.

We appreciate your continued support and feedback, which helps us make IDSTower a more powerful and effective,Please fill our survey and tell us what features you want to see added to IDSTower.