[Important] Outreachy Contribution phase wrap-up: PRs, claimed tickets and more

We understand that the Outreachy contribution phase is a special moment during which many folks will step out of their ways to dedicate extra time to share contributions and interact with our community. But we also understand that once this period is over, not everyone will be able to keep the same commitments.

Therefore, we have different policies for closing pull requests and tickets opened or claimed by Outreachy applicants during such phase: we will be closing or un-claiming any PRs or tickets in which we don’t see activities for more than two weeks after the contribution phase has ended.

This is to ensure that work that must be done doesn’t go stale, and keep our repositories and issue tracker up-to-date.

If you are still working on a task but need more time, just let us know on the ticket or PR, and we’ll leave that open for longer.

Along the same lines, Redmine users for whom dev role has been granted but who have ceased to interact with the project after a month since the contribution phase has ended will have the role removed, so as to make ticket management easier, for us.

Anyone is always welcome to come back to contribute if they find themselves with more free time - Suricata exists because we have a strong community, after all! :slight_smile: