Install suricata on Archlinux

I’m trying to install Suricata on Arch from the git repository and I don’t know how to install the dependencies, in the documentation, there are only instructions for the Ubuntu installation.
can any one help me?

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The ubuntu instructions can server as a guide for your Archlinux setup.

You’ll need the same package content – but the package names may be different.

There may be some iteration required – and configure will be successful when all of the Suricata dependencies are present.

Sorry we don’t have a more complete answer; when you do have the dependencies listed, the community could benefit from your experience if you follow up here.


I was able to install Suricata successfully, thanks for the suggestions.
How can I contribute to the documentation?

I’m glad you were able to get things working.

I’d suggest you start with posting your steps here for other community members.

To contribute to our documentation, you’d submit a PR with your additions to doc/userguide/

Suricata sources at at GitHub - OISF/suricata: Suricata git repository maintained by the OISF

In case you’re looking to expand or alter your successful build for additional features, the build from source directions work well on Arch:

Also, there are some of the stable packages in AUR (git package hasn’t been updated in awhile):

Additionally, ArchLinux has a wiki for suricata, you’re more than welcome to contribute to that as well (ie. add new section for build from source):