Installation Failure

Hi there. I am trying to install suricata 6.0.5 by following these steps:
and when I install the required dependencies, there’s an error said : unable to locate package libpcre3-dev libnet1-dev , so i continue installing it by deleting that package.
Do you guys have any idea how to fix this? Is there any packages that can change the “libpcre3-dev libnet1-dev” ?

Hí, @nurchalizaaa

That is very old. It is from 2019 and version 4 of Suricata_IDS.

Also, it is for Ubuntu 16.04 which is no longer maintained.

Do it on an ubuntu 20.

If you want something very simple to install:

But you can use the official documentation:

For the rest, we are here for any questions.

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Thanks for the answer.

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You know, any questions, ask. :wink: