Installing suricata on windows server 2016

hello evoryone

I need installing suricata on windows server 2016 but I have recibet this error “The meerkat service could not be started.”“The service did not report an error.”

I used the command “net start suricata”

C:\Program Files\Suricata>net start suricata
suricata’s service is being initiated
suricata service could not be started

The service did not report an error
You can get more help with the command NET HELPMSG 3534

I have started from windows services

Just a sanity check - you can start Suricata on the command line without any problems , correct ?

yes, now the services is start, but I need start whit the package analysis but i receber the next error - Running as service: no
- This is Suricata version 6.0.12 RELEASE running in SYSTEM mode

my command is → suricata.exe -c suricata.yaml -i Ethernet0

What does the command line show you as output and how does your full suricata.yaml look like?