Integrate new IDSTower into existing Suricata installation

Dear all,

both my nginx and suricata installations run on the same Debian 12.4 Virtual Machine.
My newly setup IDSTower installation runs on a Ubuntu 23.10 Server LXC.

My challenge:
How can I connect the existing suricata installation to a new cluster on IDSTower (or vice versa)? As there is currently no suricata build available for neither Debian 12.4 nor Ubuntu 23.10, I cannot add the ppa:oisf/suricata-stable, therefore I cannot just click on “Add New Cluster”. I guess, I will have to dig further down into the system to get things connected.

Would anybody be kind enough to give me a hand?

Thank you all for your time!


I think this more of a @IDSTower related question, that should probably be brought to their support channels.

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I have shard the guide on how do solve this via email.