Integrating wazuh and suricata to display logs on wazuh Dashboard

Hello team ,
i am trying to integrate wazuh and suricata together so that i can view the logs on my wazuh-dashboard please note i have installed my wazuh manager on ubuntu 22 and the agent along with suricata on ubuntu 20 . i can see the logs coming up on the archive file (var/ossec/logs/archives) but nothing is visible on my wazuh-dashboard . i am new into this if anyone can help would be really appreciable.

Hi there Raul, welcome to our forum!

This forum is for questions related to Suricata, folks here won’t necessarily have a lot to add in terms of how to set-up tools that integrate Suri…

But maybe this link could be of use to you or others who reach the forum looking for something similar: Network IDS integration - Proof of Concept guide · Wazuh documentation

Good luck, hopefully you’ve sorted this out by now :slight_smile: