Introducting MutableSecurity: Seamlessly deployment and management of cybersecurity solutions

Hello there, Suricata Community,

I’m Andrei, one of MutableSecurity’s developers. We are developing software to simplify the management of cybersecurity solutions, from deployment to configuration and day-to-day monitoring.

Because our long-term vision will be difficult to achieve, and our ideas will take time to materialize, we began by offering support to an IDPS solution that we used in previous projects and loved: Suricata. Having said that, we were able to automate the following operations:

  • Setup in IDS mode;
  • Tests for proper operation;
  • Retrieval of log messages and statistics about Suricata’s operation (alerts display and counting, uptime, version);
  • Update; and
  • Uninstallation.

The tool is available on GitHub and can be installed using pip. Simply run pip install mutablesecurity and it will be ready to help you in installing and managing a local Suricata instance.

Additionally, we recognize that we have not exhausted all of Suricata’s use cases, but we are motivated to develop our solution by adding new features and fixing bugs. As a result, we’d appreciate it if you could share any feedback or suggestions with us, either by replying to this message, opening an issue in our repository, or sending an email to .

We currently host a website, and we are also active on GitHub, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Any form of support, such as stars, follows, and shares, would be greatly appreciated as they help us reach out to more people with whom we can share our vision on cybersecurity.

Thank you for your time!