Invitation to be part of Suricata research project test group

NOTE: this is a message from Stamus Networks for a research project.

LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS: We need your help to make Suricata-based network security even more powerful.

While Suricata is one of the most widely-deployed open source network security tools, those of us shaping the future of Suricata know very little about how it is being used.

We are preparing to launch a research project to collect information on how people are using Suricata.

And we need a group of 10 or more people to help us evaluate the survey for clarity, accuracy, and to see how long it takes to complete.
Would you be willing to help?

If so, please DM me or send an email to Send any questions via DM or email.

We will send a $25 (US) Amazon gift card to the first 10 who participate in the test run of the survey.