IPS mode doesn't show alerts

I’m running Suricata 7.0.2 in IPS mode on Ubuntu.

I’m trying to figure out why I’m only getting drop events but not getting any alerts in the eve log. the drop events contain the flow bits set by the alert which means that it is being triggered by not shown for some reason.

This is my config of the eve log file.

  • eve-log:
    enabled: yes
    filetype: regular
    filename: eve.json
    level: debug
    - alert:
    payload-printable: yes
    tagged-packets: yes
    - drop:
    alerts: yes
    flows: start
    - http:
    enabled: no
    - dns:
    enabled: no
    - tls:
    enabled: no

Any ideas?

How does your full suricata.yaml look like, did you convert all rules to drop?