IPS nfqueue with nftables ingress hook

I’m wondering if it is valid to associate an IPS nfqueue with an nftables ingress hook. IPS works correctly with the input, forward and prerouting hooks, but if I use the ingress hook, the packets are processed but don’t get any further, and I lose the connection to the device assigned to the hook. Suricata version is 6.0.4, with kernel 5.10.63.


can you get a bit more into detail how you configured your setup?

Hi Andreas, thanks for getting back. Here’s the nfq portion of the configuration:


mode: accept

threads: auto

repeat-mark: 1

repeat-mask: 1

bypass-mark: 1

bypass-mask: 1

route-queue: 2

batchcount: 20

fail-open: yes

Here’s how I start suricata:

$ sudo suricata -c suricata.yaml -q 0 &

Here are the nft commands for the nftables chain and rule:

add chain inet filter IPS { type filter hook ingress device eth1 priority raw ;}

add rule inet filter IPS counter queue num 0 bypass

A few packets are processed by suricata before the connection to eth1 goes down.