Is there a comprehensive comparison between suricata 4.0 and 6.0?

We are building on suricata to make our products, but our platform cannot support rust well so we need to go back to use suricata 4.0, but I’m not sure if 4.0 is too old to catch up today.

May I know what are the 4.0 missings compared to 6.0?

Suricata 4.0 is quite ancient and is no longer supported.

The last 4.x Suricata version was 4.1.9
The oldest Suricata version with active support is 5.0.6
The newest Suricata version is Suricata 6.0.2

See Suricata version support

I suggest you find a way to support Rust on your deployment systems.

To add one relevant part, it’s only required for building suricata, but not for running it. So you can build it on a machine with Rust available and install it on a (compatible) one without Rust installed. Rust ist now a hard build requirement so you would be stuck with unsupported 4.0 forever if you don’t have Rust.

Thanks for clarifying that @Andreas_Herz – Rust is not needed for runtime so your deployment sensors do not need a framework for Rust.

Your build system, however, does require Rust. Depending on the specifics of your build system, you might find that a standalone Rust installer is better suited for your environment.

Thanks very much! Really helpful~