Keyword: flowbits:isset,http.dottedquadhost

I’m receiving an error “error_code”:306,“error”:" SC_WARN_FLOWBIT",“message”:“flowbit ‘http.dottedquadhost’ is checked but not set…” on an ETPro rule.

What does this check for? flowbits:isset,http.dottedquadhost


There are a number of rules that control that particular flowbit so we need a bit more information to help you track the issue down further. The best option is probably opening a support ticket with ET directly at Feedback. Please supply full log details and any distabled sids/categories in your rule management (suricata-update/pulledpork/etc).


Will do – Good advice. I was hesitant about posting a full ETPro rule here, they would likely frown on that :smiley:

After contacting ET - They indicated the issue was related to some disabled rules from the INFO category. Issue resolved.