Logstash parsing error

Can someone help me with this error?

Can you share more details about your setup and configuration?
Might be an issue parsing the json output

This seems like an issue parsing an HTTP log containing a content_range element. Suricata 5.0.x and newer will add a content_range object with the following elements (when such a range has been detected):

  • raw
  • start
  • end
  • size

raw is the content range parsed, e.g., "raw":"bytes 0-384/385"
The other members are determined from that so in this case you’d have:
"start":0, "end":38,"size":385

Here’s the JSON object as it would be represented in the HTTP event:
"content_range":{"raw":"bytes 0-384/385","start":0,"end":384,"size":385}