Make compilation failed

I downloaded version 4.1.8 of suricata from github. Make compilation error is as follows:
undefined reference to ‘pcre_free_study’


can you post more details about how you run it and what the output looks like?

I would also suggest to use the release since 4.1.8 will go EOL soon.

Please post the complete configure and make run command. And ideally not as a screenshot.
Also try the release I linked first.

test.log (88.6 KB)

Is this with the 4.1.8. release tarball from the website instead of github?

What distribution is that?

And you want to install rust as well, since with version 5 of Suricata it’s mandatory.

The 4.1.8 version download website I use is as follows:
Do I need to install rust to use version 4?

What distro is this and what version? The gcc 4 suggests its pretty old.

Ok. I try to use version 5. Thank you

I doubt that you will succeed with version 5 of Suricata. So as we said we would like to know which distribution that is, since gcc4 is rather old and with a newer gcc you might have success.
Did you mean gcc5? that’s also quite old.

I use suricata5.0.3 version also failed. Error is also reported in the make place. The same as the 4.1.8 version error

My system version is redhat6.8, and the kernel version is 2.6.32

That’s very old, update your distribution first to a more recent version.

@skr We do build on CentOS 6 as part of our CI process. The recipe can be seen here:

This would be building against the latest CentOS 6 which is 6.10 at this time though.