Monitoring Suricata

Hi all, I am new to Suricata as I have been wanting to learn and IDS, and it appears suricata appears to be a great tool. As Windows is my primary OS I wanted to learn Suricata on a stand alone machine for now. I wanted to find out after installing it in Windows is there a good GUI to use to view logs and management and the such, or is it mainly a cmd based system? Also are there some good docs on useful switches to learn the software? Besides using the .exe /?. Thanks all for any input

For documentation we recommend reading our guide: Suricata User Guide — Suricata 6.0.11 documentation

Thanks Andreas, it seems like a powerful tool, just want to get to know it better.

Hi Andreas,

So Suricata is designed to be run on Linux? If so I’ll need to build a Linux box. Is there a guide like the one you referenced that relates to Windows?

It can run on BSD systems and Windows as well, you can find the download options at Download - Suricata

But yes the best support is on Linux and BSD like systems.