Multi-Tenancy: VLANs

I started running suricata with default setup/rules. It collects via a mirror port of my trunk. I am trying to implement multi-tenancy, but have yet to get it working. Looked at the logs, I don’t see anything.

I ran “suricata -T -c /etc/suricata/suricata.yaml” and get errors. One that I don’t understand is “no multi-mappings detected”? But I have setup as the documentation showed.

ATTACHED: screenshot of test output / yaml files

  1. I get an error from the test, about no multi-mappings - but I clearly have set it up?
  2. Are my tenant files correct?
  3. Is there a good troubleshooting guide / tutorial so I can track this down??

suricata.yaml (41.0 KB)
ADMIN.yaml (2.7 KB)
OPS.yaml (2.7 KB)
DMZ.yaml (2.7 KB)

I guess you already read 10.4. Multi Tenancy — Suricata 6.0.4 documentation but besides that if I look into your config there are 4 other yaml files. DId you try a reduced config as well? I guess it’s a smaller issue within the suricata.yaml file itself that is not that obvious yet.


I think it is the suricata.yaml configuration file that is wrong. Check the types and global statistics part.

# **Global stats configuration**
  enabled: yes
  # The interval field (in seconds) controls the interval at
  # which stats are updated in the log.
  interval: 8
# Configure the type of alert (and other) logging you would like.

        - alert:
            payload: yes             # enable dumping payload in Base64
            payload-buffer-size: 4kb # max size of payload buffer to output in eve-log
            payload-printable: yes   # enable dumping payload in printable (lossy) format

        - stats:
            totals: yes       # stats for all threads merged together
            threads: no       # per thread stats
            deltas: no        # include delta values

  # Stats.log contains data from various counters of the Suricata engine.
  - stats:
      enabled: yes
      filename: stats.log
      append: yes       # append to file (yes) or overwrite it (no)
      totals: yes       # stats for all threads merged together
      threads: no       # per thread stats
      #null-values: yes  # print counters that have value 0. Default: no


Suricata has a “test mode” to determine if the configuration file is valid. Use suricata -T -c /path/to/suricata.yaml

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Thank you very much… so worked out most of the issues, seems that the first and most annoying was a misplaced space :(. Once that was corrected, the ‘test mode’ was exactly what I needed. Gave me line # and file name to correct.

Now it is just tuning the rules to the VLANs

Appreciate the replies.